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Colour is an essential element of any company’s brand identity and incorporating your distinctive corporate colours into a custom-designed wardrobe is a key element of the design process WorksGroup undertakes... READ MORE


When it comes to technological advancements in the garment industry, WorksGroup are market leaders and innovators. Using a combination of modern CAD design programmes and the latest international technical garment... READ MORE

Why choose a uniform for your staff?

WorksGroup understands the importance of a company wardrobe in supporting your brand integrity. Not all companies have the same budget and certainly style preferences will differ. Therefore, providing a good... READ MORE

Whats sets WorksGroup apart?

WorksGroup is not only an innovative force in the corporate wardrobe industry, but has expanded its offering to include fresh new culinary ranges and personal protective equipment. Our approach combines... READ MORE

Factory visit unlike any other...

We at WorksGroup are constantly working on strategic relationships that will propel us forward to be the leaders in the clothing industry. To this end, we visited one of our... READ MORE

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