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Chef Gear, a trailblazing chef apparel brand in South Africa, has grown to be the go-to destination for culinary creatives seeking the latest innovations in their attire. Our Classic chef uniform range is meticulously designed to cater to all your kitchen uniform requirements, blending style, durability, and comfort.

Our brand story is shaped by the vibrant synergy between innovative young designers and the world's top Chefs and hotel Executives. Together, we've crafted uniforms that not only withstand the rigors of the culinary world but also elevate your creative journey in the kitchen. From traditional to modern twists, our Classic range offers the perfect blend of functionality and flair for the culinary artist in you.



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At Chef Gear, we take great pride in WorksGroup's commitment to delivering the highest quality garments. Our extensive investments in fabric research and development ensure that our products are technologically best-engineered for the industry. This dedication guarantees that our uniforms are perfectly suited to your dynamic work environment, empowering you to perform at your very best with absolute comfort.

Join us at Chef Gear, where your culinary creativity finds a true companion in our high-quality chef apparel. Elevate your journey in the kitchen with our Classic range, perfectly tailored for the creative minds of South Africa's culinary community. With Chef Gear by your side, the canvas of your kitchen awaits your artistic touch, and the possibilities are endless.

Together, we're "Geared to Dress You" for success in the kitchen! 


20 OCT - 5 NOV 2023


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As a premium brand, Chef Gear is proud to launch our fresh NEW look, using the latest technology and trends. The group invests extensively in the research and development of fabrics to create garments that are technically best-engineered for the industry. Superior quality materials are sourced and each step of our manufacturing process is underpinned by stringent quality control to align with strict international standards

We particularly pride ourselves on building long-standing customer relationships. We work attentively and collaboratively with our customers to ensure the most suitable solutions, not only through our garment offering but also through our service offering.

We invite you to explore our offerings on our new online shop, which offers a vast array of chef apparel, as well as front of house and kitchen staff uniforms, providing a complete solution with fast and efficient service.