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Factory visit unlike any other...

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We at WorksGroup are constantly working on strategic relationships that will propel us forward to be the leaders in the clothing industry. To this end, we visited one of our factories with whom we have recently partnered, to ensure that their standards were WorksGroup approved. Wow- were we were impressed!

The factory has 17 production lines that specialise in a specific range of garments. A quality control system averaging 70-80 staff members that leaves absolutely no room for error with every garment checked at each stage of its’ production!

4 on-site mechanics make certain that any machinery requiring maintenance is promptly attended to. Even the factory manager is a qualified engineer!

Each day of production is monitored to ensure an average of 1,000 garments a day… per line! With such a well-oiled machine, we couldn’t be happier with our new partner.



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