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Why choose a uniform for your staff?

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WorksGroup understands the importance of a company wardrobe in supporting your brand integrity. Not all companies have the same budget and certainly style preferences will differ. Therefore, providing a good quality, custom-designed uniform ensures that all employees project the desired corporate image.


A company uniform improves customers’ overall sense of the professionalism of an organisation as well as the credibility of individual employees. In many service industries, including hospitality and retail, having staff wear company-branded clothing increases interaction with clients who feel more confident to approach employees for assistance.


Uniforms have been proven to increase employees’ loyalty to their organisation, making them feel both valued and valuable as a member of the team and instilling a sense of pride and responsibility in their position. With a well-placed logo or branding, your staff become walking brand ambassadors for the business.


WorksGroup’s goal is to provide garments that are functional and fashionable and feel great to wear. Contact us today to begin the journey of creating a unique range that caters to your company’s culture, brand and environment. We ensure great attention to detail throughout the process, from engineering and testing patterns, fabrics and designs, to delivery of a completely finished wardrobe to each of your employees.



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