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Welcome to WorksGroup, an innovative force in the garment industry. Our approach is one which combines expertise in design accompanied with valued personal, service-focused ethos.

WorksGroup consolidates a range of highly specialised companies boasting a long-standing and proud history of expertise, skill and performance which provide solutions in the textile and apparel industry. With more than 100 years combined experience in delivering garments, WorksGroup is set to raise the bar and transform the industry.

WorksGroup was founded to cater professionally and proficiently for a diverse range of uniform related requirements for clients in various fields of business. We provide solutions for both corporate and industrial mainstream, as well as bespoke, industry-specific garments for brands wishing to stand out from the crowd. We focus on individuality whilst keeping an eye on the latest international trends.




chef gear chef uniform

Your one-stop Chef Uniform Shop! 

Chef Gear, a trailblazing chef apparel brand in South Africa, has grown to be the go-to destination for culinary creatives seeking the latest innovations in their attire. Our Classic range of Chef Jackets, Pants, Aprons, Headwear & Footwear is meticulously designed to cater to all your kitchen uniform requirements, blending style, durability, and comfort.

Join us at Chef Gear, where your culinary creativity finds a true companion in our high-quality chef apparel. Elevate your journey in the kitchen with our Classic range, perfectly tailored for the creative minds of South Africa's culinary community. With Chef Gear by your side, the canvas of your kitchen awaits your artistic touch, and the possibilities are endless.


| Together, we're "Geared to Dress You" for success in the kitchen!


chef gear chef uniform 



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Design Works offers clients a range of services and solutions around the design and technical engineering of textiles, uniforms and lifestyle clothing.
Drawing on over 50 years of experience, our skilled designers are qualified to create bespoke clothing ranges and fashion apparel for various industries including culinary, corporate, industrial, entertainment, security and medical.


We work with a variety of fabrics ranging from durable and hard-wearing, to top-of-the-line custom designs, colours, prints and weaves for the fashion conscious. By developing fabrics according to specifications, we can create bespoke fabric designs tailored to your brand and industry.


We have access to a vast network of local and international suppliers from which we either source local fabric and trims or import for specific requirements.


Your business will have a bespoke uniform tailored to your industry and company. Our design team will present detailed storyboards and our experienced pattern makers utilise the latest Lectra system to translate designs into patterns, ensuring optimum fit of garments.

Distinctive fabric designs provide your business with exclusivity which adds to your brand identity. This saves time and removes the hassle of finding the exact fabric you need by creating the fabric you want.

Sourcing is done to best compliment your garment design, while sampling brings garments to life allowing for any aesthetic and technical adjustments. Our aim is to achieve optimum fit and appeal, based on your specifications. We deliver the approved product by providing sealed manufactured prototypes prior to production.

Stand out with a unique look and a company image that is prestigiously represented. Whether you would like a new uniform range or to refresh your current look, we have the solution.


Thanks to our market leading personalisation facilities, we can manufacture any design or garment according to your specification or requirement. Our manufacturing services include branding garments through various methods including printing and embroidery.

Our reputation is based on rapid response and attention to detail, consistently achieved through partnerships with SABS-approved manufacturing and sourcing facilities.


Qualified and experienced management conduct a 'needs analysis' related to your working environment and corporate identity. Based on your approved forecasts, we plan production of the uniform items and implement managed stock levels.

In-house production planners will work closely with relationship mangers to ensure that delivery dates are met through stringent processes.

State-of-the-art technology is used in the ordering and delivery process, with the highest quality control of garments. Stock is made to order and liability is kept to a minimum, thus protecting you from risk and expense. 


One of WorksGroup’s largest suppliers has been around since the early 60’s, holding true to their mission statement “we don’t make and sell, we sell and make”. The factory has employed 1,300 people in the past 7 years and have approximately 17 production lines, all specialising in specific garments. They place similar garments on each production line ensuring staff become accustomed to sewing specific garments, resulting in them becoming specialists in those areas.

Each stage of production has a quality control member in place to reduce the chance of incorrect production. The factory manager is a qualified engineer, supported by 4 on-site mechanics to timeously address issues and ensure machine breakages do not affect production. For every staff member, there is 0.7 support staff. R50 million worth of fabric is stored at the factory at any given time. To combat absenteeism, the factory has built an on-site clinic for staff (paid for by the supplier) and have found this has helped dramatically. Their training programme means 30 people, with no previous sewing or manufacturing knowledge are paid a trainee wage for 3 months, upskilled, with the intention of them being recruited into the factory.
Each day’s production is monitored to ensure equal production at an average of 1,000 garments a day, per line.


Special care is taken to ensure that colours and pantones are matched to your corporate identity specifications and we will recommend how best to brand your corporate wardrobe so that your brand equity is maintained throughout your wardrobe. We also offer an integrated embroidery and/or embellishment process as part of your wardrobe production.


WorksGroup understands the importance that your branding plays in portraying your image to the market. Therefore, we deliver your fully-branded garment to your employees, while considering the suitability and relevance of your brand in relation to your corporate wardrobe. As part of ensuring best-in-use garments we are able to incorporate, for example, reflective tape on any selected garment to keep your workforce safe and visible at all times and in any weather condition. Other value-added services we offer to ensure garments are tailored to your bespoke requirements are embellishments and screen printing, allowing absolute customisation of each garment.


Everything WorksGroup does, ranging from design to customer service, is managed according to the highest exacting standards incorporated in formal processes that make up our Total Quality Management system. Our ardent belief in, and stringent approach to quality management means that you can be confident in our ability to deliver exacting high standards, continually.


The complex supply chain involved in manufacturing uniforms and apparel is a process which comprises many critical milestones. WorksGroup has strict quality management and controls in place, at every milestone to ensure that each manufactured item adheres to the highest quality standards, and in line with customer specifications. Our aim is to deliver only the highest quality garments to each and every one of your employees.


Once development of your range is complete, we offer the option of providing you with a full fit range in the required garment specifications. Works Group offers two types of fitting services:


We manufacture and supply a fit range to conduct the fittings and to capture orders at your own leisure.


This includes the manufacturing of a fit range and supplying the teams to facilitate the fitting in the comfort of your own office. We handle the order capturing onsite as well as the logistics of fitting your employees at different branches.


A fit range provides more accuracy than measuring individuals to determine sizing. It also avoids the confusion of various size specifications and minimises returns. A fit range assists in managing your uniform policy as well as adhering to budget requirements.

Each person has unique sizing and styles that better suit their body shape. A fit range allows individuals to select items they require, within budget applications as well as to select garments in which the individual would be more comfortable.


We have partnered with a large international warehousing and distribution company comprising a massive complement of employees, ensuring that our orders are attended to with urgency. Through this partnership we can offer an end to end solution. We supply the garments and, if required, handle your complete warehousing and distribution solutions, ensuring you always have sufficient stock available as and when you need it.


We offer our facilities to all garment-related industries in need of warehousing and pick and pack solutions for your garments. We house your stock as part of our full service solution. 

Our warehousing capacity readily caters to stock-holding for wither large retail chains or small businesses. Having the ability to house large stock quantities saves on production costs and fabric purchasing, ensuring stock-on-hand without production delays.

We leverage shared services needed for warehousing such as staffing; security; insurance and high-tech systems, thereby saving on overhead costs. By controlling the complexities of stock management, it allows you to focus on the growth of your business while we provide your required uniform support systems.

We provide the capacity and facilities to distribute your goods, whilst using technologically advanced pick and pack systems. You can be assured that your stock is in good hands, in a secure environment, with market leading warehousing.

WorksGroup can pack all our online orders and we can pick and pack solutions for either individual employees or large bulk orders. In other words, you receive your order packaged in a manner that meets your exact request!


Our modern warehousing solution encapsulates fine picking, ensuring that we are able to pick either a single garment, an entire employee basket, or bulk requirements. This ensures that our customers may select a solution in line with their wardrobe policy, allowing your   employees’ garments to be packaged on an individual basis, sealed per employee, and distributed (inter)nationally to each customer site.


WorksGroup not only safely warehouses your corporate wardrobe, but has the capacity to pick, pack and distribute customer employees’ requirements as customer employees require them. Fine picking and packing is part of our value-added complete supply chain management offering. This involves the processing of a range of small to large quantity orders for garments; picking the relevant product for each destination; and re-packaging for shipping direct to you.


We have partnered with specialist companies in logistics and transport to offer on-time delivery to head offices, branches and employees, both nationally and internationally.


Together with our warehousing option, we offer to distribute goods. With warehousing and distribution located on the same premises, the packaging process is efficient, maximising delivery turn-around time. Our national footprint is firmly embedded throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries and we can deliver directly to head offices and branches alike.



WorksGroup excels in sourcing, manufacturing, technical engineering, production and distribution of apparel for all sectors of the market including culinary and entertainment, corporate, retail, motor, industrial, building, safety, security, medical and health sectors, to mention but a few. Drawing on inspiration from current trends, and applying it to uniforms with a subtle approach, WorksGroup creates apparel that keeps you relevant, comfortable and safe, so that you can perform at your peak.

WorksGroup is inspired by individuals who stand up for who they are and that in which they believe. A team of people who are brave enough to pursue their passions and strive to make a mark. We stand out from our competitors by offering individual components or a complete apparel solution. Customise your order to include any of our specialised offerings, from technical design of garments; manufacturing and sourcing; warehousing and distribution to the administration of garments on a per-employee basis.

Whatever your apparel requirements, WorksGroup can fulfil them. From the sourcing and manufacturing of materials to the fashionable design of industry-specific garments demanding great technical acuity, WorksGroup offers clients outstanding bespoke industry solutions.