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We have partnered with a large international warehousing and distribution company comprising a massive complement of employees, ensuring that our orders are attended to with urgency. Through this partnership we can offer an end to end solution. We supply the garments and, if required, handle your complete warehousing and distribution solutions, ensuring you always have sufficient stock available as and when you need it.


We offer our facilities to all garment-related industries in need of warehousing and pick and pack solutions for your garments. We house your stock as part of our full service solution. 

Our warehousing capacity readily caters to stock-holding for wither large retail chains or small businesses. Having the ability to house large stock quantities saves on production costs and fabric purchasing, ensuring stock-on-hand without production delays.

We leverage shared services needed for warehousing such as staffing; security; insurance and high-tech systems, thereby saving on overhead costs. By controlling the complexities of stock management, it allows you to focus on the growth of your business while we provide your required uniform support systems.

We provide the capacity and facilities to distribute your goods, whilst using technologically advanced pick and pack systems. You can be assured that your stock is in good hands, in a secure environment, with market leading warehousing.

WorksGroup can pack all our online orders and we can pick and pack solutions for either individual employees or large bulk orders. In other words, you receive your order packaged in a manner that meets your exact request!