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Welcome to WorksGroup, an innovative force in the garment industry. Our approach is one which combines expertise in design accompanied with valued personal, service-focused ethos.

WorksGroup consolidates a range of highly specialised companies boasting a long-standing and proud history of expertise, skill and performance which provide solutions in the textile and apparel industry. With more than 100 years combined experience in delivering garments, WorksGroup is set to raise the bar and transform the industry.

WorksGroup was founded to cater professionally and proficiently for a diverse range of uniform related requirements for clients in various fields of business. We provide solutions for both corporate and industrial mainstream, as well as bespoke, industry-specific garments for brands wishing to stand out from the crowd. We focus on individuality whilst keeping an eye on the latest international trends.




chef gear chef uniform

Your one-stop Chef Uniform Shop! 

Chef Gear, a trailblazing chef apparel brand in South Africa, has grown to be the go-to destination for culinary creatives seeking the latest innovations in their attire. Our Classic range of Chef Jackets, Pants, Aprons, Headwear & Footwear is meticulously designed to cater to all your kitchen uniform requirements, blending style, durability, and comfort.

Join us at Chef Gear, where your culinary creativity finds a true companion in our high-quality chef apparel. Elevate your journey in the kitchen with our Classic range, perfectly tailored for the creative minds of South Africa's culinary community. With Chef Gear by your side, the canvas of your kitchen awaits your artistic touch, and the possibilities are endless.


Together, we're "Geared to Dress You" for success in the kitchen!


chef gear chef uniform 



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