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Nothing is more frustrating than rushing to get ready for work and having to sort through a mishmash of garments, shoes and accessories to find what you want to wear. A disorganized closet can start you off on the wrong foot leaving you feeling stressed before you day has even really begun.


Taking a day to declutter your cupboards and organize your clothes can be a profoundly liberating experience. Follow these tips for a painless process that will leave you with a streamlined closet:


* Remove everything from your cupboards.

* Give them a wipe out and replace drawer liners if necessary.

* Allocate spots for clothes you are keeping, items you are going to donate, things that need to be repaired and those items that you’re unsure about.

* Start working through things systematically. Work through all your dresses, then your pants, tops and so on, deciding which pile to place them in.

* At this stage, don’t worry about folding things neatly – just get everything into piles.

* Once you have worked through everything, move anything that isn’t going back into the cupboard out of the room.

* Things to be donated should be put into the car immediately, ready to go. Do the same with the things to be repaired if you’re taking them to the tailor.

* Keep the pile you’re not certain about and try and add some more garments to it as you work through the items you are keeping.

* Finally work through the things you are keeping, folding them neatly and hanging up carefully. Put like items with like so that you are able to find things more easily. Work out a system which makes sense to you whether it’s grouping dresses together, shirts together or arranging your closet according to colour.

* It is often worth investing in some good quality hangers, a few boxes for storing accessories like belts and scarves and a shoe rack to keep things organised.


The real secret though is to work through this process on a regular basis to keep your cupboards tidy and easy to work with making dressing in the morning a painless process.



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