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Summer Workwear Trends for Men

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Work your work wardrobe this summer by adding one or two key pieces that are right on trend.

1. Stripes

Always on trend in some shape or form, this year stripes are taking their cue from France with a Breton stripe a hot trend for menswear. The Breton stripe is horizontal rather than vertical, a thinnish stripe about a centimetre or two wide and ideally in navy. Choose a v-necked shirt and pop it under a blazer for a continental look that’s cool for the heat.

2. Dress in Tones

Choose different tones of the same colour for a look that’s bang on trend this year. The key to looking fashionable and not frightening is to choose the right colours: gray, beige and navy are the best options for rocking this one. Oh, and NB – the shoes need to tone in, too.

3. Technical Jackets

That’s the fancy term for a windbreaker. These aren’t the tracksuit tops of your youth, though. This year, they are in trendy hues and tailored shapes.

4. Checks

Yes, these are always on the list, but they’re also always subtly different. For 2018/2019 you’re after larger, more complex patterns. Pair them with toned down elements in the rest of your outfit to ensure you don’t look clownish.

5. T-shirts

Very on-trend but very specific this season – plain, plain, plain. No pattern, no logos, no slogans and definitely no poor jokes, especially for the office. Wear a T under a jacket (yes, you guessed it, a technical jacket is our top choice) and you’ll be work-ready but cool.

6. Polo Shirts

Another work-wardrobe staple for many a less formal workplace, the same rules apply as to T-Shirts this year. Plain, preferably neutral colours and tailored to fit. Avoid baggy at all costs.

7. Chinos

The khaki chino has had its moment and this season, they’re making way for olive, grey, navy and charcoal. Again, make sure they fit well and are hemmed to the right length.

8. Pink

Yes, pink. If you have to keep your office attire fairly formal, one way to show you follow fashion is to add in a pop of pink. The shade is key, however. We’re talking that salmony-peach hue that’s become known as Millennial Pink. Add it in a shirt or a tie or even a pair of socks for a trendy look to a staid suit.



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