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It’s the height of summer and beating the heat is top of everybody’s priority list. Here are some tips to stay looking cool, calm and collected at work, even if you don’t feel it.


  1. Wear short-sleeves

It seems obvious, but when planning a corporate wardrobe for your staff, including some short-sleeved options for both men and women is essential in the warm South African climate. In a more casual office environment, sleeveless blouses and dresses may also be a good idea and allowing men to wear their collars open rather than restricted by a tie can go along way to keeping them cool.

  1. Choose colours that minimise the appearance of underarm circles

This is an especially important consideration if your staff work outdoors and may be unable to prevent getting hot enough to sweat. White, very light colours, black, navy and very dark colours are all good at disguising sweat patches. Avoid pinks, greens, greys, blues and bright colours.

  1. Lightweight fabrics

Natural fibres are generally breathable and therefore cool, with cotton and linen being top choices for hot weather. Not only do these fabrics breathe, they also absorb moisture which can then evaporate away from the body. Not natural, but certainly lightweight, polyester is also a good option for hot days. Air circulation is important to maintain a cool body temperature. Fabrics for hot climates should maximize the flow of air through the clothing, allowing heat and moist air to escape.

  1. Loose clothing

Looser, less restrictive clothing can also contribute to summer comfort. Fabrics which tend to cling to your skin add a layer of heat by trapping sweat between your body and the clothing.

  1. UV Protection

If your staff spend time outdoors, choosing clothes with a UV rating should be a consideration to prevent harmful sun exposure.



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