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SafetyWorks – Leading the PPE Industry

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 Personal protection equipment is an essential consideration in many industries. At SafetyWorks, we have almost 60 years’ experience and expertise in creating functional garments for security services and industrial workers. Safety is our top priority and our garments ensure that workers are protected in all working environments. We believe that once adequately protected, comfortable and confident themselves, a workforce is better equipped to protect the safety and security of others.

SafetyWorks provides a specialised range of flame retardant and acid resistant work wear for protection in the mining, construction, agriculture, transport and industrial sectors world-wide. Our quality garments minimise the probability of project downtime due to loss or injury.

SafetyWorks provides a wide range of safety wear and security uniforms crafted from the finest quality materials and manufactured to meet the highest international safety standards. Our attention to detail and exceptional finishes ensure that the workforce is comfortable, safe and performs more productively. Underpinning the production process is sophisticated and stringent quality control standards. We aim to firmly back our standard of workmanship by building lasting relationships with our valued customers.



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