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Our range of Chef’s essentials has been rebranded. Chef Gear stocks everything a modern chef needs to look good and feel great at work in the kitchen.


A chef’s clothing is not only about like a pro in the kitchen, it needs to be hardworking, durable and protective. With hot surfaces, sharp edges and steam abounding in every kitchen, chefs need their wardrobe to ensure their safety and, and allow them to focus on creating fantastic food.


Chef Gear has the modern chef covered from head to toe, stocking chef’s hats, jackets, pants, aprons and neck ties. Not only are our Chef’s garments designed in collaboration with innovative young designers and leading chefs and hotel executives, we also invest heavily in fabric research and development to create materials that are technically best-engineered specifically for the hospitality industry. Chef Gear pairs trendy, stylish designs with attention to comfort and mobility to create garments that are as hardworking as they are handsome. Special attention is paid to the modernity of the design with slimmer fits, varying sleeve lengths and trouser designs available without compromising on practicality. Superior quality materials are sourced, and each step of our manufacturing process is underpinned by stringent quality control to align with strict international standards.


Ensuring that a uniform fits correctly is essential in ensuring that you can work confidently in it and Chef Gear offers a tailoring service that will custom-make, personally fit and brand garments.


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ChefGear also caters for kitchen and front of house staff as well as stocking a Basic range of off-the-rack garments that include jackets, trousers, accessories and aprons all in our signature contemporary designs and quality fabrics in both black and white. Although named ‘basic’ the Basic Chef garments are anything but with 210gsm, 65% Polyester/35% Cotton Imported Twill predominantly used in the range and exclusively sourced labels and buttons unique to ChefGear.


Visit our online store to get shopping:



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