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Going for a job interview is a stressful experience. There is pressure to present yourself well and ensure that you give the interviewers the best possible impression. This starts with how you are dressed. Most companies have a dress code in place. See if you can get hold of a copy before the interview to ensure that you are appropriately dressed for the position you want.


There are some universal tips for dressing for an interview whether or not you have knowledge of the businesses particular preferences. The first is, obviously, to err on the side of more formal. Dressing smartly suggests that you take the interview, company and potential job seriously. The interviewer will want to get a sense of your personality but it’s a good idea to dress conservatively. Keep skirts on the knee and blouses buttoned up. Tight clothing is not advisable and although a stylish statement piece of jewellery or handbag can make for a chic ensemble, don’t go overboard and keep your outfit simple and comfortable. It isn’t a good idea to be distracted by what you are wearing instead of having your attention on answering the questions put to you.


Fit and condition of clothing is notable, especially when not correct. Make sure you have had your interview outfit tailored: pants and sleeves should be the right length and all buttons should be fastened securely. An obvious stain should rule an item out and ensure that garments have been ironed.


Shoes are an important element of an outfit and they should be in good repair and clean. Good quality shoes are often immediately obvious, so they are a good investment to make. Avoid excessively high heels.


The key thing is to come across as someone who cares about their appearance. Even if you tend to a more casual, flamboyant style of dress, it’s important for your clothes to be clean and neat and your hair and nails to look good. Grooming is something interviewers do observe. Ensure that your hair is clean and neat. Women may want to wear some natural-looking makeup and men should either be clean shaven or have a neatly-trimmed beard. Nails are often overlooked but most interviewers will notice them as you sit across their desk. Keep them on the shorter side and clean. If you’re wearing nail polish, make sure it is not chipped.


The key thing is to look at your appearance through the eyes of a stranger. What first impression are you making? Is it the one you want to make?






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