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Your company may have issued you with a wardrobe of good quality clothes for the office but this is just the first step in looking put together. Here are some tips to ensure you always look neat and professional as well as stylish.

1. Accessorise

Small touches such as a pretty pair of earrings, a good quality handbag in a neutral colour or a necklace that works with your outfit go along way to creating a stylish look. A striking scarf or an interesting belt are also good additions to liven up your wardrobe.

2. Wear good shoes

Ensure that your shoes are clean and presentable. Scuff marks, peeling leather and black stains can detract from an otherwise orderly appearance. Investing in good quality shoes has the added advantage of ensuring you’re comfortable even on long days spent on your feet.

3. Attend to any issues with your clothes

Fix hems, mend small holes and reattach buttons as soon as they go missing. Do it yourself or find a good tailor.

4. Iron!

It sounds so obvious, but wrinkled clothes immediately make a person look scruffy so make sure your clothes are always freshly pressed.

5. Tackle stains.

Marks on clothes are inevitable but often all it takes to avoid a stain setting is timeous treatment. Invest in a packet of stain-remover wipes to get rid of as much of the stain as possible the minute it happens and treat the mark as soon as you remove the garment.

6. Don’t forget your crowning glory

An easy to manage haircut goes a long way to making you look well-groomed. Take your stylist’s advice on not only what will suit you but be fuss-free on a day-to-day basis.

7. Nail it.

Keeping your finger nails (and toes if you wear open shoes) in tip-top condition also makes you appear well-groomed and professional so pay attention to them.



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