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Make sure you look your best in this workwear essential by following these tips:


  1. Get the fit right. An ill-fitting suit looks sloppy and unprofessional so making sure yours fits correctly is essential. It’s worth investing in having it tailored to ensure that the sleeves and legs are the right length – the sleeve of your jacket should rest on your wrist bone with about 5cm of shirt sleeve visible and the hem of your pants should rest on the curve of your ankle without folding over. Shoulders are a tricky area to tailor so it’s advisable to get those right and have other aspects of the garments altered. They should be no wider than your shoulders. Jackets should be long enough to cover the zip of your pants or skirt.


  1. Whether you are a man or women, hourglass or apple, a suit jacket should taper at the waist.


  1. To make your legs look longer, choose a jacket with some detailing just above the waist: pockets, pleats, darts or a belt for women.


  1. To look taller, avoid double-breasted jackets and choose pinstripes which elongate even the stoutest silhouette.


  1. Pleated trousers should start from your natural waist while flat fronted trousers need to start a little lower.


  1. When wearing a skirt suit, make sure the skirt is fitted, particularly if you’re on the shorter side. In terms of length, on the knee or no more than three inches above it is considered suitable for professional attire. A skirt that falls below the knee tends to make one look shorter.


  1. To draw attention away from a larger mid-section, choose a jacket that buttons below your stomach rather than above it.


  1. Unbutton your jacket before you sit down to avoid stretching it and possibly popping buttons.


  1. Accessories are key in making a suit look stylish. A patterned tie, or a handkerchief peeping out of a breast pocket can elevate your outfit if you’re a man. A tie that’s darker than your shirt looks smarter than one that’s lighter and it should sit between the top of your belt and the bottom, never going below. The perfect tie is the same width as your lapel. The final touch is your socks – steer clear of white socks as they look too casual and don’t go without. A pair of interestingly patterned socks can be a flash of fun that adds a touch of personality to your look.


  1. For women, a statement necklace with a plain blouse, a patterned or bold coloured blouse or a pretty scarf adds some panache.


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