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All fabrics behave uniquely when sewn into garments. It is important that designers choose the correct fabric to ensure the best fit, appearance and wear. All fabrics serve a purpose – the key is to select the right one for the garment, taking into account the garment’s function as well.


Elements such as the knit or weave, weight and stretch have a big impact on what a garment will look like when it’s worn, especially in terms of fit. Loose weave garments tend to be quite forgiving and lightweight while tighter weaves tend to be heavier, resulting in a closer fit. Stretch obviously also impacts fit and it’s essential to think about the function of a garment when considering the amount of stretch. Sportswear, for instance, should fit snugly, but a blazer would need a little stretch to make it comfortable but not so much that it affects the drape.


No matter how good a piece of clothing looks, if it is scratchy, clingy or tends to pull it will never be a good addition to your wardrobe. High-quality fabrics tend to feel soft against your skin and are breathable – essential for a busy work day where you do not want to fidget with clothing. A bit of stretch is also advisable so that your clothes are able to move with you through the activities of the day without losing shape or becoming uncomfortable.


The type of care a fabric requires is also something to which consideration must be given. Most people prefer an easy, machine-washable wardrobe for work. At WorksGroup, our designers pay attention to the best fabric choices for each garment to ensure that they are comfortable, well-fitted, durable and look good wash after wash.



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