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Bidvest Laundry Group And WorksGroup Align Services

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On 1 October 2017, Bidvest Laundry Group and WorksGroup aligned their services in a strategic collaboration that will serve and benefit clients from both businesses. Bidvest Laundry Group clients that also require the regular procurement of garments and uniforms can now do so through the business alliance. Likewise, WorksGroup clients can now also take advantage of the weekly laundering services offered by Bidvest Laundry Group.

Bidvest Laundry Group has been in the business of offering weekly laundering services to customers in sectors ranging from culinary to personal protective equipment for many years. As is the case with normal wear and tear, these businesses will at some stage find themselves in need of new garments, bespoke culinary items and the rental of corporate wear. This is where the alliance with WorksGroup came to fruition.

WorksGroup provide solutions for businesses requiring specific garments and corporate wear in South Africa and Africa. The collaboration means that both clients of Bidvest Laundry Group and those of WorksGroup will now have access to either side of the spectrum for garment inception and fabric engineering, all the way through to meeting their weekly laundering needs.

Benefit To Both Businesses

WorksGroup’s technical and design teams come with years of experience in garment design, sourcing and manufacturing of clothing, quality control, personalised fitting, warehousing and distribution, which can be extended to the requirements of Bidvest Laundry Group’s customers.

The additional layer offered through Bidvest Laundry Group’s laundry services will ensure that all client ranges are washed and cared for as per the requisite laundry wash cycles. Employees will thus always be in clean clothing and the life span of their garments will be extended.

Graeme Prosser, Executive Acting MD of WorksGroup had this to say about joining forces with Bidvest Laundry Group: “This is the only way forward, with clients requiring total uniform and garment solutions, this partnership will bring value to both companies’ clients and change the face of uniform solutions. There are exciting times ahead of us.”



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