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Our team has extensive experience in design, pattern and fabric engineering, fashion and quality requirements. Keeping our eye on local and international trends and standards, we provide well-constructed, comfortable and functional corporate wardrobes which work in the African environment.

Bespoke design affords you the opportunity to work with our designers in creating a fresh new range that will encapsulate your brand image in your employee’s corporate wardrobes, taking your employment geographic and demographic into account. Our skilled designers are qualified to create custom-made clothing ranges and fashion apparel for various industries including culinary, corporate, industrial, entertainment, security and medical, each with their own unique design criteria. From the sourcing and manufacturing of materials to the fashionable design of industry-specific garments demanding great technical acuity, the Works Group offers clients outstanding bespoke solutions.


We work with a variety of fabrics ranging from durable and hard-wearing, to top-of-the-line custom designs, colours, prints and weaves for the fashion conscious. By developing fabrics according to specifications, we can create bespoke fabric designs tailored to your brand and industry. Distinctive fabric designs provide your business with exclusivity which adds to your brand identity. This saves time and removes the hassle of finding the exact fabric you need by creating the fabric you want.


Design Works’ creative consultants are young and enthusiastic, and possess the creative flair and artistic ability, technical proficiency and professional acuity to create intelligent apparel solutions. We have collaborated with top professionals from various industries to fashion superior garments and work closely with our clients to better understand and fulfil their unique requirements.

At Design Works we create 2D designs which are used, often as repeat designs, in the production of knit, weave and printed fabrics or textile products. Designers conceptualise and turn a client’s design brief into a required apparel range using the latest computer-aided design (CAD) packages. Technical services then seamlessly translate the design concept into garments with the help of sophisticated Lectra design software which is fully integrated with our state-of-the-art cutting rooms and machinery.


We offer staff maximum comfort and contentment with designer style and assist our clients outfit their staff to look professional, presentable and perform and at their peak.




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