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When you are at work, you need to be able to focus on doing your job, not discomfort caused by your clothes or fear that your garments may not adequately protect you.

Here are three things to consider when planning your working wardrobe: 

1. How comfortable will I be?

Think about the activities you perform each day. Do you spend a lot of time sitting? Will you stand for several hours? Is your workspace temperature set to freezing? Now consider what garments will be best suited to performing these tasks in comfort. Shoes that offer good support are a necessity for workers who spend their days on their feet and garments with some stretch are a good choice if you sit for hours on end. If you move from spaces which are airconditioned to areas which aren’t, layering your clothes allows you to be comfortable in all conditions.

2. Do I need protective equipment?

Workers who perform hazardous tasks should have the correct clothing and accessories to ensure they are safe. Reflective garments can save the lives of workers in the dark, gloves prevent all sorts of hand injuries, steel-capped boots protect toes and a simple cap can save your skin from a nasty sunburn and a hard hat from a serious head injury. Good quality rain suits and rain coats can reduce downtime in bad weather.

Ears and eyes should not be forgotten, and headphones and goggles are essential protective items for many occupations.

If you think you’re not being adequately protected, approach the HR department about ensuring your wardrobe is equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment.

3. Do I look professional?

Restaurant patrons expect to see a chef in a chef’s jacket. We know a person is working on road construction if they have a hard hat and company representatives who wear smart, branded garments are taken more seriously.

Ensuring that you are appropriately dressed for your job ensures that you are able to focus your attention on doing your job well rather than worrying about whether you are suitably dressed making you more effective and productive.

WorksGroup offers a range of specialised clothing designed for industry-specific demands including cheffing, the automotive industry, construction, manufacturing, landscaping and forestry among others. In addition, a team of qualified designers and fitters will assist in designing a corporate wardrobe that is comfortable, suited to the tasks employees perform and looks professional.



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