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New employees? No problem. Our intricate knowledge and understanding of uniform policy, churn, stock-holding and warehousing capacity readily caters to the needs to both large retail chains or small businesses. Having the ability to house large stock quantities saves on production costs and fabric purchasing, ensuring stock-on-hand without production delays.


We leverage shared services needed for warehousing such as staffing; security; insurance and high-tech systems, thereby saving on overhead costs. By controlling the complexities of stock management, we allow you to focus on the growth of your business while we provide your required uniform support systems.


Works Group provides the capacity and facilities to distribute your goods and you can be assured that your stock is in good hands, in a secure environment, with market leading warehousing which encapsulates fine picking. This ensures that we are able to pick either a single garment, an entire employee basket, or bulk requirements and our customers may select a solution in line with their wardrobe policy, allowing your employees’ garments to be packaged on an individual basis, sealed per employee, and distributed nationally or internationally to each customer site.


With warehousing and distribution located on the same premises, the packaging process is efficient, maximising delivery turn-around time. Our national footprint is firmly embedded throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries and we can deliver directly to head offices and branches alike.


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  • I need uniforms for our Receptionists, I require samples.

    Michelle Steenberg on

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