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Having your staff dressed in a uniform presents an opportunity to have your branding on display to clients. The options for including branding on your clothing extend from the overt logo on a polo shirt to something more subtle, such as a pattern designed using your logo which is then used to create fabric for items such as shirts, ties or scarves. When deciding what application is right for your uniform, consider these issues: Do you want your staff uniforms to be branded with just your company logo, or do you want to add details such as a website, telephone number or the staff member’s name?


The application style is also a key consideration: will it be embroidered or printed onto your garments? Printing allows for large and colourful designs to be applied to a garment which is visually appealing and allows intricate and complex designs to be showcased in all their glory. Printed clothing can be much more cost-effective so would be a good choice for items that will be worn for a short time say during a promotion where printed t-shirts are a popular choice due to their low cost and ability to incorporate a range of designs on the front, back and sleeve. They are not the only option, however, and printing works well on polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, high visibility clothing and overalls, too.


Embroidery is the better choice for a more professional look – it also wears well and lasts better than print. Whether a garment can be embroidered depends on the type of fabric and the size of the design you wish to have applied. Some garments such as blouses and t-shirts may be made up of lightweight fabric that is too thin for it to be able to hold an embroidered logo and this may result in the embroidery pulling the fabric. When it comes to size, a large logo uses tens of thousands of stitches which result in weight and strain on the garment. It works well for a small logo on one side of the chest or on the sleeve, but if you need a large logo that covers the entirety of the front or back of the garment, print is the way to go. Garments that work well for embroidery are polo shirts, hoodies, jackets, fleeces, caps and ties. All an embroiderer needs is a flat area for the logo to be applied that isn’t inhibited by zips or pockets.



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